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09 02 2016 nairobi ladies dating - dating forparents

We crashed some house parties in the highbrow Muyenga area, flirted with pretty Ethiopian hookers on the bubbly Kabalagala strip during the small hours of Saturday mornings as we headed back to the hostels after a night on the tiles.

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I think you have to have lived in a different city in the region to appreciate our uniqueness. In Uganda I could spot a Kenyan guy a mile away, they were aggressive and cocky.

They took what was due to them and quite often what wasn’t.

They felt entitled, yes, that’s the word I was looking for; . Mark lives in Kileleshwa (but then again, everybody seems to live in Kile nowadays, it’s like you get a tax cut when you live there) and he drives a Subaru Imprezza.

And they stuck together, spurred by a common ambition to take over, to dominate. Well that never often come with money, not necessarily. This is about our uniqueness and our quest for dominance and money. This is also about our limitations us men but better still about our strengths. The Magician Do you ever meet those guys who never seem to do anything in this town but to be doing well? Every time I run into Mark – mostly, at Java Upper hill – he is usually meeting someone, a laptop humming between them. Carries two phones, one which is normally a Blackberry.

Back here in Nairobi there is an unspoken nomenclature of men, a nomenclature defined largely by influence and money. Larry King in one of his many exit interviews told some New York Times writer, “I will get the best tables in any restaurant in this city that not even the richest men in the land can, that’s influence.” I loved that. If you want to see the face of influence hang out with a newspaper crime reporter for a day. And this is about sex because, come on, everything in this town is influenced directly or indirectly by sex. Mark is what you’d call a metro-sexual; scrubbed up good.

Very important people pick their calls, from powerful politicians, top cops, right down to a taxi driver in Ongata Rongai. He says he “runs” this town, like he’s Jay Z or some shit.

And these guys get results at the snap of a finger. He’s a subtle braggadocio, dropping names shamelessly, talking about what deal’s he’s about close.If you are in a bad jam, any jam, they will get you out of it by calling a number. Or the million shilling check he’s expecting from a job he did.But the question Mark never answers, and which perhaps is the most important question is; “What do you do for a living Mark?” Thing with guys like Mark is that they are never doing as well as they want to make you believe.Their validation comes from the car they drive, the women they date and where they drink.Life to them is about image, and they wring it dry. He comes from some little nondescript village, let’s work with, what, Kisii?