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And the results could not be explained by the fact that the players were getting better at navigating the game over time; the age-related decline remained, even among those with more skill playing the game.

So while we may get slower, we might also be getting smarter.

The effects of diagnosis and movement sequencing abnormalities on the functional connectivity parameters between the motor cortex and cerebellum (MC-CRBL) and the supplementary motor cortex and cerebellum (SMA-CRBL) activated during the motor task were analyzed.

We found no effect of diagnosis on the functional connectivity measures.

Moreover, the level of MC-CRBL and SMA-CRBL negatively correlated with the magnitude of NES-SQ abnormalities, but with no other NES domain.

If you’re going by when our intellectual skills start to decline and dull due to the passage of time, then it might be.

According to researchers at Simon Fraser University in Canada, things start going south at age 24.

They came to that conclusion after studying 3,305 volunteers aged 16 years to 44 years.

The participants played a real-time game that approximated everyday real-world situations that test our cognitive abilities, from concentration to juggling multiple tasks to shifting our focus from immediate to long-term issues.

The game recorded the players’ moves, and researchers analyzed hours of data from it.

As expected, the speed with which the volunteers made decisions, and shifted between tasks, declined with age.

, the drop, albeit small, was detected first among 24 year olds.

In fact, for every 15 years after age 24, cognitive speed dropped by about 15%.

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