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Tiber himself, however, found the initial administration of a fully united Cyrodiil a time-consuming task, and, because of this, the Underking dealth with the Imperial expansion into Skyrim and High Rock.Skyrim itself had not joined the Empire during Cuhlecain's rule.

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When the civil war was slowly being won by the Crowns, the Forebears signed a pact with Tiber, allowing his armies to march into Hammerfell, crush the Crowns and claim Hammerfell as his own.The Imperials conqeured Hammerfell with ease, with the Battle of Hunding Bay being the only event where the Crown forces matched the might of the Empire.Because of this, Amiel Richton, commander of the New West Navy, decided to send Nafalilargus to deal with the Crown forces during the battle, killing Prince A'Tor in the process.It was said that Tiber Septim himself thought twice before conqeuring Black Marsh, the border regions fell easily to his Empire, but he wisely decided to avoid strategically unimportant inner swamps, and thus met with little resistance.Even under Imperial rule, the inner swamps were still controlled by the Argonians while the Empire controlled the coasts and borders of the province.Eventually, Black Marsh joined the Empire, mainly through a treaty.

The situation changed, when Vivec appeared and announced his negotiation of a treaty with the Emperor, which allowed the Dunmer to keep most of their traditions while joining the Empire.

The Temple greeted the announcement with an awkward silence, Indoril and Dres still said they would resist to the death, while Redoran gladly took the oppertunity to not have to fight the Legion unsupported.

Redoran then switched sides, and backed House Hlaalu's proposal of accomodation.

Telvanni, seeing which way the wind blew, joined Redoran and Hlaalu in their accomodation.

Despite this, the Lord High Councillor of Morrowind, an Indoril, refused the treaty and refused to step down.

Because of this, he was assassinated and replaced by a Hlaalu.