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We've speculated about how Jen is handling the evolving relationship of Brangelina (for years! How have they fared since their flings with the most famous of , but somehow, the talk turned to Tinder, the swipe-centric socializing app, in which Duritz takes part: Duritz: "Everybody is on Tinder. Seriously, there is nobody who is not on Tinder at this point. My married publicist who told me not to go on Tinder is on Tinder, and so is her husband."Host Ricky Camilleri: "Just to play? I don't think people even see me on there."And while the technology has changed, dating has remained mostly the same, according to Duritz.

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Something like that, usually."We'd offer Duritz some dating advice (maybe cut your hair? In my case, they are girls, who you have NO IDEA what they are thinking, and then you just sort of, like, muddle through, and then you crash into a wall.Adam Duritz is an innovative lyricist and piano player who brings the same soul to his friends and lifestyle as he does to the beautiful lyrics and music that he performs.Duritz joined and performed in the Bay area band "The Himalayans" until 1991 at which time he left to form Counting Crows.Before he left, however, material was recorded which eventually lead to the release of the 2002 album "She likes the Weather".The album has a track called "round here" which was eventually re-recorded on the Counting Crows album "August and Everything After".

During this period in his life he was also involved in the San Francisco based band 'Sordid Humour'.After the Himalayans lost Duritz and the Counting Crows were formed, Duritz's new band gained a huge following and the release of their acclaimed 1993 album was a huge success.The band toured extensively before heading into the studio again for the 1996 album "recovering the satelites".The album was a worthy follow up and it bookmarked the bands place in the music industry.The album was followed by 1998's 'This Desert Life' and 2002's 'Hard Candy'.The two albums house such hits as 'Hangin' around', 'American Girls' respectively.

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