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One television production unit consisting of either: (1) one production crew utilizing multiple, tripod or wall-mounted, remotely-controlled cameras; or (2) one camera operator utilizing one portable tripod mounted television camera; shall be permitted in the courtroom.One still camera photographer carrying not more than two still inaudible cameras with lenses shall be permitted in the courtroom.

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All personnel and equipment shall be situated in an unobtrusive manner within the courtroom.

The location of any such equipment and personnel shall be determined by the appellate jurists.

The location of the camera, to the extent possible, shall provide access to optimum coverage.

Cameras and operators shall remain in their appointed positions within the courtroom while the Court is in session.

Cameras may pan, tilt, or zoom in on jurists and/or attorneys from their fixed positions.

Media outlets may, at their discretion, add on-screen graphics identifying information for the purpose of making the proceeding more understandable to the television viewer, including but not limited to: venue name and location, docket name and number of the proceeding and names of jurists, attorneys and other parties.

Any request for special permission to cover any argument in a manner that deviates from the Practice Book rules or these guidelines shall be submitted to the court in accordance with the provisions of Practice Book §70-9(c)(ii).You Now gives people around the world the opportunity to discover and create new kinds of interactive content in real-time, by broadcasting live.In order for You Now to remain a safe place to meet new people and participate in vibrant discussions, it's important that we establish community standards in an effort to safeguard the wellbeing of our users to the best of our ability.We do our best to keep You Now safe, but we cannot guarantee it.The following are a list of rules & guidelines, which, if violated, may result in a suspension or permanent ban from You Now.Please also be advised that in applicable situations, we reserve the right to report highly suspicious and/or criminal activity to your local authorities.

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