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Screencasting is an excellent way to communicate to clients, potential customers, or people in general.

While many of the programs listed below have other features, such as the ability to take screenshots and record only audio, I will concentrate only on the screencasting abilities of each of these tools. Now more than ever, every successful business that advertises needs an easy-to-read, memorable name.The reason is simple: People are bombarded by myriad ads from all sources and the only way to get customers is if your ad stands out, or is easily memorable. Your domain is displayed on billboards, television, car and truck graphics, newspaper and magazine ads, business cards, and anywhere else you write your contact information, as well as heard through various media. Everyone who uses the Internet is familiar with the letters “www”, which prefix most websites.Something unique may make the potential customer notice your business, but if they forget the domain how will they find your website? The last thing you want is for a potential client to forget your website and go to a competitor. An increasing number of sites, however, have chosen to go without the prefix, along with the extra dot.Whether to use this or not is purely a matter of choice, although because of a longstanding tradition, many still include it in their domain. From there he began his climb up the steep slopes to the crater of her neck, published inhuman moan. She fell into an incredible way to the beat of their movement, which grew faster and faster. Holding their fingers, it became easy to pinch them, meanwhile penetrated his tongue between her breasts.

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Dream Web Designs is proud to release the first in a set of tools for website owners.

This tool can be used to extract all keywords from your site and allows you to examine which words have higher significance, and therefore more prominence in search engine results pages.

Words are valued according to their place in the website and displayed on the keywords results page.

Single-word keywords on the page are ranked accordingly: Business owners can use this simple tool to determine how search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing see their website.

Webmasters can use this to refine the wording in their site to improve search engine optimization.

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