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Henry, Allmon and Henrietta carry the heavy burdens of the generations before them; their blood binds them to this landscape, and their futures to the fate of one horse.This Southern Gothic is a great American novel—wide in scope and alive with the ghosts that haunt our nation.

Lily and Ted are more than best friends, more than dachshund and man, and together they undergo the adventure of a lifetime hunting an octopus on the open sea.This is a charming and quirky story that gives us permission to love our animals in the consuming, over-the-top, bizarre ways that we do.Lily is the Hobbes to Ted’s Calvin, the Enzo to his Denny, the Richard Parker to his Pi, and with one slow tug of a shoelace Lily bursts Ted’s heart open, and marks herself indelibly inside of a reader’s.- This is a sexy story of espionage and life lived on the edge.As a child, Franny’s life is changed when her parents divorce, her mother remarries, and she is suddenly part of a blended family of siblings and situations.This is a tender and heartbreaking novel about the dissolution of families, the creation of new relationships, and the effect this has on the children involved.

Beautifully written in Ann Patchett’s gifted style.

- “We are Kentuckians first and Virginians second and Christian third,” Henry Forge tells his young daughter.

The Forges are more than a family, and they are more than horse breeders.

They are a legacy of true-blue blood running back 250 years.

Henrietta Forge is no ordinary Southern girl, just as Hellsmouth is no ordinary racehorse, both bred for greatness and born into destinies they cannot control.

Likewise, Allmon is an extraordinary groom who pulls himself from poverty only by suffering exceptional loss.

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