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That gap, our bunking in different halls, and the fact that Zal was the star of the varsity swim team while I had never set foot in the pool didn’t matter a bit.

Zal was a good guy and, as one who got to know him, I wanted to give some due notice to our loss. Tricky Prose I propose a critical reading/writing tutorial, whereby first year students gather and scrutinize texts/publishers/authors from a random sample of courses offered through Grinnell College. Phillips Shively], Grinnell College’s introductory primer for political science — appears to contain passages of tricky prose, as the following excerpt shows: It is especially important to bear in mind these two points of view when we consider political actions about which we have strong feelings and about which we may expect to be prejudiced. Americans tended to dismiss elections in communist countries as fraudulent [premise].However, as you will see in Chapter 11, there was evident in the elections of most such countries a surprising amount of broad participation in search for common solutions.For instance, even during the period of noncompetitive elections, when only a single candidate appeared on the ballot, 28 percent of Soviet citizens reported that they had at one time or other attempted to persuade others to vote as they did.…There appears to have been more to the Soviet Union’s uncontested elections …welcomes your letters regarding the contents of the magazine or issues related to the College. Letters may be edited for length, content, or style.As many letters as space allows will be published in ; additional letters are posted here.

The opinions expressed here are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Grinnell College or its representatives. Farewell, John and Zal Like all Grinnellians, I read with sadness of Coach John Pfitsch passing.

RAGBRAI Redux “Riding RAGBRAI” [Winter 2013 issue] stirred a 1973 memory. The coach has long been synonymous with our school.

The first year’s ride, more or less labeled “The Great Six-Day Bicycle Ride,” created a crescendo of news across Iowa as it unfolded. He adopted Grinnell as home, and his love for this community and this school was both obvious and great.

Every day, the buzz grew as small towns outdid each other with lemonade, pies, and other treats. My roomie and I caught the fever and jumped on our bikes. His labor of love in writing Pfitsch’s Tales will, thankfully, enable us to readily refresh our many memories of Coach Pfitsch.

Donald Kaul reported the hospitality and other excitement daily in the as only Kaul could. We sampled a couple of towns’ tasty treats along the way, dipped our tires in the Mississippi River, soaked up the glory with the rag-tag tribe of bicyclists at the end, and jumped into a friend's car for a ride back to Iowa City. Never saw Kaul or [columnist] John Karras, nor the legendary Clarence Pickard. I was also sad to notice that Zal King ’63 had died.

Zal, who name was Zalman Lefkowitz at Grinnell, was a good friend, despite three years separating us at Grinnell.

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