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1a) This would also allow a system where there could be some kind of "magic".2) I would want the ability for players to add content.

3) I am thinking of a player market, where approved player submissions could be sold to other players. I would wanted to make a system where you could choreograph a series of related poses rather than running one pose for many cycles, then swapping to another, then swapping to another..............5) I would want to have transitional animations to go from the start position of one pose to the start position of another "related" pose.Eventually I would want transitional animations between all poses.These would not be selected by the player, but would be automatic when going from one pose to another.Hello everyone, To start, as best I can tell from the EULA, games involving sex are allowed.I had been playing an Adult Chat game for some time and there is a general feeling among the community that the devs have "given up" on it.

It is still considered one of the best games in the genre. It is sad because those who play it can see how good it could be.It is a bonus because anyone looking to make a competing game, has a static target to overtake ;p At this point I have a lot of ideas, many of which I have talked about with friends in the game and they think they would make an excellent game, but not much skill at programming them to make it a reality.I have watched lots of tutorials and tried a few times to do simple animations, not successfully yet, but I keep trying.So, my basic idea: 1) After much thought on the subject, I think a more fantasy feel would work best.Many seemed to like playing "catgirls" or demons etc.So if someone wants to be "normal", they can, but they have the option to play as imaginary "creatures" also.