Algerian women free chat sex

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Algerian women free chat sex

During the 1962 Algerian War of Independence, Algerian women fought as equals alongside men.They thus achieved a new sense of their own identity and a measure of acceptance from men.

Algeria is regarded as a relatively liberal nation and the status of women reflects this.

Many Algerian women are getting married and starting families at much older ages than they did under French Rule.

Education, work commitment, and changing social attitudes are the reasons for the change.

In 2010, the total fertility rate was 1.76 children born/woman.

This is a drop from 2.41 in 2009 and 7.12 in the 1970s just after the Algerian War of Independence from France.

French colonizers actively opposed veiling because they viewed it as a symbol of national and religious values and beliefs that they sought systematically to undermine.

In reaction to French pressure, Algerians stubbornly clung to the practice and after independence actually increased its use.Paradoxically, however, this development also resulted from the increased freedom enjoyed by women.Prior to the country's Independence, very few native Algerian women could read and write.This was the result of a French-imposed ban on education for the entire native Algerian population.The remnants of this policy still manifests today in the significantly low literacy rate found in women over the age of 40.The literacy rate of women is still lower than that of men (it is female: 73.1% and male: 87.2% as of 2015 estimates, population 15 years and older).