Amanda beard on dating michael phelps

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Amanda beard on dating michael phelps - secretly dating an older man

And the (non)news of the two Olympic swimmers dating continues.

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When asked if she was dating Michael, Amanda responded with a simple, "I am not dating Michael Phelps." But when asked if they had kissed, she said "Eww! Come on." And when they joked that Phelps might dream about dating her, she said, "Eww, that's so nasty! Come on, I have really good taste." So, now, in a new interview, Beard is apologizing for her comments, saying "Everyone who knows me knows I can be a jokester, but I guess I took it too far. We know each other and Michael is like my little brother.He jokes around me all the time and it's all good-natured.But obviously people who don't know me can take it the wrong way." It's okay, gurl. But we're sure you're enjoying your 15 minutes of fame!Beard then ends all rumors by admitting that she's been dating a photographer for the past three years. But to Michael, I am so sorry for the things I said." And now that we won't have to hear about Beard any longer, it's back to the important things…. She says, "He's been here [at the Olympics] – he's always with me. A major uproar broke out this week after Interview Magazine published a picture of Kendall Jenner topless. The seven-time Olympic medalist swimmer evaded paparazzi often enough in the last few weeks to get knocked up and married with almost no one finding out.

But let's be honest: this reality star wasn't the first famous female to ditch her shirt for a national magazine spread... Thank you to all the readers who replied to our previous poll, asking whether you'd rather sleep with Michael Phelps or Mark Spitz. Then, focus on the similarly pressing question below. Amanda Beard has proven that she's as fast on land as she is in water.Americans that tune in to the Olympics this month won't see Amanda Beard swimming for her country.The beautiful athlete failed to quality in any events.But fans can still see Beard playing a prominent role in Beiing, as her new, naked ad for PETA debuts there today. That beautiful former contestant on The Apprentice made quite the naked splash last month when she appeared on the cover of Playboy, but Hugh Hefner may have outdone himself with the following selection.So are Amanda Beard and Michael Phelps, both swimming stars in the Olympics, dating?