Anyone having 10 5 6 update trouble updating

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Anyone having 10 5 6 update trouble updating - dating amour com

Though Android Marshmallow is now upon us, various Android Lollipop updates are still rolling out worldwide – and in some cases they're causing problems.

As with any performance issues, try switching off anything you don’t need to see if you can identify a specific cause.

It seems that we can't have an Android update without something going wrong with either Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or both.

Try the usual range of solutions: toggle airplane mode on and off, forget and reconnect to the network, reboot your phone, restart your router or switch between the Wi-Fi frequency bands.

If this fails, you may have to wait for a patch from Google for the permanent solution.

Assuming you haven’t left your device in direct sunlight or near a wicked child with a magnifying glass, overheating is often a side-effect of really hammering the phone with apps such as 3D games.

Your case might be contributing to the problem too – phones are designed to be case-free, and heavy cases can interfere with heat dissipation.

It’s also worth trying Safe Mode to see if the culprit is an app that’s misbehaving.Every new installation of Android firmware results in some battery drain for some users.This is almost always because the update was applied over the top of existing firmware rather than installed 'clean'.There are a few things that could go wrong when everything is set up one way on your phone, and then the world shifts beneath its feet.So now may be the time to bite the bullet, do a full backup and do a factory reset.You can do this via the Nexus 7 (2013) owners have reported some bugs with video playback following the update to Lollipop.

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