Arranged marriage vs online dating

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Arranged marriage vs online dating - lawyers ersonal dating

Robert Epstein, may act as a “screening of deal breakers”.This is often based on the premise that the families have known the bride and groom for many years and may help make a choice that is more suitable in the long term.

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The families may be a point of contact for the two people to meet, but then the relationship and the final decision will come from the bride and groom.“I don’t think love marriage and arranged marriage are as different as we make them out to be,” said Michael J.Rosenfeld, an associate professor in the department of sociology at Stanford University.“The people we end up married to or partnered up with end up being similar to us in race, religion and class background and age, which means that they might not be all that different from the person that your mother would have picked for you.” From Ji Hyun Lee, Do new technologies play a role in this?This is a sensitive topic that touches on the values of many individuals and that should not be taken lightly.As we approach this subject, it is important to remember that there are many perspectives on the benefits and disadvantages of both what are called ‘arranged marriages‘ and ‘love marriages‘.

Let us suspend judgment and consider different cultural perspectives and personal stories before we give our opinion. In places where this is not a common practice any more, the words often bring to mind the image of two people being forced to get married, sometimes people of significantly different ages, or marriages were a dowry or money are involved.The bride and groom may have not even met in person or communicated before, but their families have and they have arranged a marriage that they consider appropriate for the bride and groom and that may last a long time.Although the terms are often exchanged or confused, arranged marriages are not the same as forced marriages, in which the freedom or will of the individuals being married is not taken into account and they may be threatened with violence or cast out from the family or society.In the case of forced marriages, this goes against basic human and children’s rights and it is often being addressed from the legislation or social work areas in the places where it happens.In the case of arranged marriages, we are considering those in which the family plays a role to help the younger ones to meet people who may be a suitable match for long-lasting, stable marriages in which love also may flourish over time as the fruit of living together.New forms of arranged marriage still involve the families of the bride and the groom who, according to Dr.

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