Ashley zach real world san diego dating

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Ashley zach real world san diego dating - consequences of backdating stock options

When seven strangers packed up and shipped out of sunny So Cal after "Real World: San Diego," we had everything squared away: Sam and Frank hated Zach, Zach and Ashley were inseparable and Sam and Frank possessed a mutual respect that could never be shattered. Before this "Challenge" season's cast was acclimated to life in Turkey, we learned that Zach and Frank had become great friends (sealed with a kiss!

And when Zach pulled Frank out of a fight to keep him cool, we officially gave up on the idea that we had ever known the former housemates at all. Tell us if you're surprised by how much their relationships have changed, and how you see them progressing through this season.

Welp, Zach didn't waste any time moving on from his "Challenge" girlfriend, Jonna!

Recently, the "Battle of the Seasons" winner and "Rivals II" competitor has been spotted getting cozy with another "Real World" alum, Ashlee from "New Orleans," and the two look completely connected.

Is this the real deal, and has Zach -- who's sporting a T-shirt made by Boston designer Johnny Cupcakes -- possibly made a move to Massachusetts?

The maybe-lovebirds have been blowing up their Instagram accounts lately with so many sugary-sweet couple shots, simply looking at them has us bouncing off the walls. It looks like Ashlee has potentially whipped Zach into boyfriend-shape -- maybe a fellow strong-minded college athlete was what he needed all along!

We're not sure when or how the two met -- Ashlee has yet to participate in a "Challenge," and her "RW" stint came seasons before Zach's -- but it's clear that Zashlee (? + Check out more pics below, and tell us what you think of Zach and Ashlee as a potential couple!

) aren't messing around: They're already talking about getting a dog together! RT @Ashlee Feldman: RT @Zach MTV: Lets go get a bulldog. , swoops back in on his magic broom yet another time into Priscilla’s life.Of course, in real life, everyone is a Muggle, so Dylan’s “broom” is actually his prized green motorcycle, which the roommates decide to steal.Recruiting a mischievous neighbor, Nate, Zach and Frank haul the vehicle into the neighbor’s driveway and wait to watch Dylan’s little ginger head explode.Dylan and Priscilla come back from a processing session, and as expected, Dylan’s little ginger head explodes.Dylan chases a cop down the street and immediately files a police report.

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