Benefits consolidating business

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Your business will always run into problems, but some in particular are more difficult to solve.For example, what if you want to stop losing money on too many shipments which don’t fill a container (known as less than container load or LCL shipments)?

How are you supposed to fix these problems and keep your business running both smoothly and profitably?These are situations where cargo consolidation at origin would help out quite a bit.Here’s why: Cargo consolidation is a fairly simple concept on the whole: it’s when cargo from one or multiple shippers is combined into one shipping container.Consolidation means shippers get to pay bulk rates, since they’re shipping cargo all at the same time instead of sending a lot of smaller shipments separately.In general, consolidation is a fantastic option for shippers who only have a few pallets of product or smaller shipments they want to package and ship in one container.Sometimes, these shipments come from multiple locations or suppliers, and need to be combined to avoid paying higher rates.

When a shipper chooses to consolidate shipments, the product is brought to a consolidation warehouse (usually the one closest to the location which has the most cargo to ship), put onto pallets, and organized into one container.Essentially, if you’re interested in reducing headaches and increasing your profitability, consolidation is right for you.Consolidation provides a lot of flexibility and options when you’re planning your upcoming shipments.For example, as already discussed, combining shipments means you can avoid sending multiple LCL shipments.But that’s not all, because the benefits of consolidation are many…For starters, consolidation’s cost effectiveness is one of its most important benefits.

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