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Once dedicated to the night elves' goddess Elune, Blackfathom Deeps was thought to have been destroyed during the Sundering, lost beneath the ocean.

Level appropriate groups should watch out for two things.The first is that there are many magic casting Naga which, when amassed in numbers, can do a good deal of damage.Always keep a warrior with shield bash on any casting mobs, or any other class that can stun/interrupt like Shamans and Paladins.Blackfathom Deeps (also known as: BFD) is a partially underwater dungeon in northwestern Ashenvale.It is accessed by a stair-lined shaft that requires one to swim through an underwater entrance.The deeps are comprised of a series of watery caverns leading deep to a temple devoted to the Old Gods.

The Twilight's Hammer cult runs this shrine, and it has joined forces with local naga and satyrs to defend the unholy creature, Aku'mai.

Situated along the Zoram Strand of Ashenvale, Blackfathom Deeps was once a glorious temple dedicated to the night elves' moon goddess, Elune.

However, the Great Sundering shattered the temple - sinking it beneath the waves of the Veiled Sea.

There, the temple remained untouched until naga and satyr, drawn by its ancient power, emerged to plumb its secrets.

Legends hold that Aku'mai, a favored pet of the primordial Old Gods, has taken up residence within the temple's ruins.

The cult known as the Twilight's Hammer has also come to bask in Aku'mai's evil presence - and members of the shamanic order known as the Earthen Ring rush to oppose them, knowing that where the Old Gods are invoked, dangers to the whole of Azeroth cannot be far behind.

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