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Bonk dating service

And Jamie also gave good face when Sam Thompson read him out a text from Jess, who wanted to meet up to talk. before making a complete turnaround and deciding he would go and see her after all (this is the man who can't get a sentence out without burbling, so we shouldn't be surprised by his indecision). " We love that this is Lucy trying to do things differently (Stevie was certainly impressed: "That's good!

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Their relationship puts me off having a relationship." That's the Lucy we know and love. In this episode, he helped JP get his first kiss with Binky.Look, we love chocolate as much as the next person, but if anyone could put us off it, it would be Stephanie and Josh: take Josh's disgustingly, sickeningly, cloyingly foul 'treat' for Stephanie, a chocolate-moulded "HBut that wasn't enough to truly gross us out, so we then had Stephanie gushing about how wonderful Josh is. Honestly, we see none of the all-important 'chemistry' with Binky and JP, but we like them both so their smooch was probably a good thing."I thought I'd never ever find anyone like my dad," she explained, and sure, she didn't mean it how it sounded, but it still sounded that way. Sam was trying to play it cool with Millie, but this is Sam we're talking about, so he was playing it lukewarm at the very least.The worst, worst, utter worst moment, though, came when Stephanie brought up the Lucy situation and how difficult it was because she's her best friend. He arranged a non-double date double date with Toff and Elliott, who proceeded to embarrass him and Millie by detailing all the photos and videos they've seen of the duo kissing in a club.As if that wasn't enough, Toff announced that she'd heard Millie stayed at Sam's for the night and added: "What's breakfast like in the Thompson house?" To be fair to Sam, he zinged back: "Pretty good - you should know." But that just reminded his new girl that he'd previously slept with this girl, so probably compounded the embarrassment for everyone, overall. Anyway, they agreed to another date so that's very nice indeed.

Of course, things got a bit awkward when Spencer and Lauren showed up, with Spencer saluting as if that would make the whole situation disappear.James thought Spencer's hair looked "terrible" - my housemates could only laugh at how much he looked like Bluto.Spencer decided to send Lucy and James a bottle of champagne, which was politely declined ("I'm not playing his little game," Lucy said, and when James asked what kind of game a free bottle of champagne could be, she replied enigmatically: "Trust me." Oh, alright then).But Spencer's gesture was not appreciated by Lauren, who's still convinced Lucy had her worst interests at heart when she told her Spencer had tried it on, instead of just trying to warn her what Spencer's like.Even Spencer said Lucy was just trying to "save" Lauren, but Lauren huffed that she was trying to "humiliate" her and ended up just repeating "cheap shot" like her chip had malfunctioned.And when Lucy did decline the wine, Spencer suggested that James doesn't have a taste for the finer things. Well, as long as everyone's having a nice meal out. Anyway, she decided to confront Jess, despite Millie's warnings that she might bite ("I'll f**king snap right back").