Breast milk adult chat

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Breast milk adult chat

I have never seen a documented case of an adult contracting HIV from breast milk.As always if you feel you've placed yourself at risk for HIV, you should get an HIV test at the three-month mark.

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D.'); MM_swap Image('Image8','','/images/experts/henry_color_glow.gif',1)" onmouseout="clear My Text Area(); MM_swap Img Restore()" name="Image8" id="Image8" Forum on Understanding Your Labs, Mark Holodniy, M. I've read almost every question you have answered on it and you say it's no risk but then I come across other doctors such as this guy: says it is!

D.'); MM_swap Image('Image1','','/images/experts/young_color_glow.gif',1)" onmouseout="clear My Text Area(); MM_swap Img Restore()" name="Image1" id="Image1" Forum on Safe Sex and HIV Prevention, Damon Jacobs'); MM_swap Image('Image2','','/images/experts/jacobs_color_glow.gif',1)" onmouseout="clear My Text Area(); MM_swap Img Restore()" name="Image2" id="Image2" Forum on Managing Side Effects of HIV Treatment, Keith Henry, M. Your worries are unwarranted and your longstanding fears were totally unnecessary, even if you had had a more significant exposure, as testing is readily available! I have been searching the internet for countless weeks now in regard to breast milk transmission in adults.

Results of HIV rapid tests are available within minutes! (BREAST MILK, 2010) Jul 30, 2010 I am still far away from the preferred testing time when it comes to the window period.

Gosh, I can hardly remember what I had for breakfast yesterday and you're fixated on two to five milliliters of boob juice? Small quantities of breast milk are not considered a risk for HIV transmission in adults. Also, if you were worried for the past seven years, why didn't you just get an HIV-antibody test?

C.'); MM_swap Image('Image9','','/images/experts/holodniy_color_glow.gif',1)" onmouseout="clear My Text Area(); MM_swap Img Restore()" name="Image9" id="Image9" Hi, You're worried about a few drops of ingested breast milk from six or seven years ago?

I contacted someone on the online chat feature from the CDCNPIN (I guess the CDC's national prevention information network) and explained my situation to them and when they said "it is high risk" I told them about what I've read from your site and others and they told me "Well it is true that ingesting HIV is not a means of transmission, but in the case of something getting into your mouth it deals with the mucus membranes." After carefully going through the archives again, I have found nothing that mentions breast milk and mucus membranes and I am seriously going crazy over here...

please doctor, answer my question so that I can be pointed in the right direction because I still have 9 more weeks in order to get a conclusive HIV test result and I don't know how I am going to make it and a few words from you can really help... Breast milk from a lactating HIV-positive woman does contain HIV; however, ingesting small amounts of HIV-tainted breast milk does not pose a significant threat of infection to adults.

please get back to me I'll donate and do whatever just please get back to me!! It is, however, a viable means of HIV transmission to infants due to a number of factors, including the infants' immature immune systems and the quantity of milk ingested compared to the size of the infant.