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Both she and Hammond watch as Charles abuses and rapes his wench, claiming that she likes it.

Warren Maxwell pressures him to marry, so Hammond chooses his cousin, Blanche (Susan George).

A social climber and sexually promiscuous, Blanche had been having an affair with her brother, Charles.

On their wedding night, Blanche's sexual skill and enjoyment of recreational sex convinces Hammond that she is not a virgin—a claim Blanche denies.

On their way back from their honeymoon, Hammond returns to the plantation where Ellen is kept and purchases her as his bed wench. Meanwhile, Hammond purchases a Mandingo slave named Ganymede (Ken Norton).

Mandingo is an American motion picture released by Paramount Pictures in 1975.

It is based on the novel Mandingo by Kyle Onstott, and on the play Mandingo by Jack Kirkland (which is derived from the novel).

The film was directed by Richard Fleischer and starred James Mason, Susan George, Perry King, and boxer-turned-actor Ken Norton.It was widely derided when released, although some reviews are positive.It was followed by a sequel in 1976, titled Drum, which also starred Norton. The movie is set in the Deep South of the United States prior to the American Civil War.Falconhurst is a run-down plantation owned by widower Warren Maxwell (James Mason) and largely run by his son, Hammond (Perry King).Hammond and his cousin, Charles, visit a plantation where both men are given black women out of hospitality.Hammond chooses Ellen (Brenda Sykes), who's a virgin.