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Camsex random persons - absouletly bisexual dating

I’m dating a very good Christian guy who is in a different country from where I am now.While waiting to get married in a few years time, we still need maintain our intimacy and so he suggested that we have sex on the phone.

I’ve been praying about this suggestion and I was wondering if it’s a sin? He thinks it only becomes a sin when we have physical contact. If it’s a sin, what do you suggest we do to keep our relationship intimate while waiting?

Advice: You do well to wonder about what this so-called Christian guy wants of you in the way of “intimacy”!

Jesus said that if a man lusts after a woman, he commits adultery in his heart with her.

This sex by phone fits that description–and it will be true of you too.

God’s Word tells His people, “Keep yourself pure” (1 Timothy ).

If you engage in this kind of behavior, there’s no way you can keep yourself pure. Well, in view of what he wants he is neither good nor Christian.

Basically he wants you to do for him what Internet prostitutes do for guys!And if you went along with him, you would be defiled and cheapened – and fall away from the Lord.Intimacy of the kind spoken of here should be reserved for married couples. Rather than give you advice on how you can stay “intimate” and together with this man, I really think the Lord would have you break off with him and his bad influence entirely. If you know and love the Lord, I believe He would want you to ultimately marry a truly good and decent Christian who is following Him and living His way. ” the artist Frances Stark asked us when we caught up with her on Skype a few weeks ago.

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