Carbon dating research on noahs ark

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The discovery of Noah’s Ark was announced last Sunday (4/24/10) by a Chinese organization from Hong Kong (Noah’s Ark Ministries, International).

The problem with this is that it seems like the “discovery” of Noah’s Ark is getting to be almost an annual event. Finding an antediluvian artifact like Noah’s Ark could be the greatest archaeological discovery ever.

It evokes many wannabe Indiana Joneses to search for Noah’s Ark.

We see no problem with this quest, and would welcome such a discovery. Amateur archaeologists can and do find things that turn out to be fantastic discoveries.

Witness the treasure hunter, Terry Herbert, in Staffordshire, England, who recently found a huge cache of Saxon gold artifacts that was reported in .

However, to properly document a discovery, the proper scientific protocol must be followed.

Scientists are trained to gather and analyze evidence.

They then publish their research so that other scientists can test their results. They put the cart before the horse by holding a spectacular press conference declaring what they discovered rather than publishing their results in a scientific journal.The news media, on the other hand, is all too eager to comply for what gets good ratings, and at the same time put evangelical Christians in a bad light.This Hong Kong group claims they are 99.9 % sure that the wood they found belongs to the Ark of Noah.Since we have spent a few thousand hours digging into the subject of the Noah’s Flood and the Ark, we have the following questions about the alleged discovery:1.When archaeologists make a discovery they must be able to prove exactly where they took their specimen out of the ground.How do we know this video showing the rooms was filmed where they said it was? It is claimed that this discovery was found in an ice and rock cave on Agri Dagh, also known as Mt. It is a known fact among geologists that nearly all of the icecap on this mountain consists of moving ice, that is, glacier.