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A year ago we reported on the infamous Debt Settlement Order.Since then the news has appeared in National Press, all over message boards and there have even been websites set up that are looking to cash in on the Debt Settlement Order Craze.

The message will read, something along the lines of: There are many more variations of these messages so you should remain vigilant and NEVER reply to them.Once these people know that they have got a live phone number, goodness knows the bombardment of texts you will receive. Some people have emailed us and said that they have texted ‘STOP’ and this has only lead to more and more messages from other numbers offering different services.Many people advised us they originally found this site due to an article we wrote about the original Debt Settlement Order scam.A few of our readers have said that they contacted these companies, and were less than impressed when they spoke to the advisors.The people they spoke to seemed unwilling to divulge their company information or even give a physical address of the company. “I received the following text message:”Due to a new legislation, those struggling with debts can now apply to have it written off.For free information reply INFO or to opt-out text stop. ” Went on goggle to find out if such legislation existed and found your web! ”“I received a different type of text saying “Due to your recent accident we can confirm that you are entitled over £5,000….” I deleted this text immediately as I never had any accident recently or ever.” Many people have speculated that these texts may be coming from major, High Street companies.

We don’t believe this to be the case at all as the consequences for large companies for sending this type of unsolicited communication would result in millions of pounds worth of fines from regulatory body’s.Many of the people who have contacted us have reported the follow up calls coming form the Manchester area. There is money to be made from people who are in debt and many unscrupulous companies have no problems offering desperate people a chance to reduce their debt.But the only real winners are the companies; not the individuals that they are supposed to be helping.If you are being bombarded by these messages and have exhausted all other alternatives you can contact the ICO on 01625 54 57 45 or go to may be report these messages to your provider who should be able tio help suppress the number.Although as these texts are coming from a variety of different numbers, this may be laborious.Thanks to everyone who has contacted us about this matter. The world is full of people trying get money out of other people by any means necessary.

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