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At Lotus Sky, we aim to foster a healthier lifestyle by providing simple tools, knowledge and guidance to create habits that one can sustain for the long-term – thereby turning a transitory experience into a real and permanent way of life.Let us take you on a journey towards a heightened sense of well-being.

Sometimes if your repair will be too expensive we have a refurbished machine on hand that is cheaper than the repair and faster than your original computer!Laptop Repair is a whole different discipline than desktop PC repair.First, there are a million tiny screws - once you get a handle on what goes where, 99% of the components are unique and incompatible with everyone else!Common Laptop Repairs Dell - Common, good machines - typical breaks: Hard Drive, Keyboard, Power Adapter HP/Compaq - Also common - typical breaks: Hard Drive, Screen, Power Adapter, Power Jack Toshiba - Their low-end models are slow, but overall a great brand - the high-end models are Fast!Lotus Sky is a transformational wellness studio designed to support the needs of today’s health conscious individuals.At Lotus Sky, health and beauty are viewed as intertwined pursuits.

We are dedicated to helping clients discover them through the profound healing powers of cleansing/detoxification.Giving the body the means to heal itself is preventive care at its best!Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that cleansing at a cellular level is key to vibrant health and beauty, emotional balance, and mental clarity.Lotus Sky was conceived out of the desire to share the knowledge and experience gained from our personal journey to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.Our mission is to build on the cornerstones of wellness – proper diet, regular exercise, peace of mind and care of the body – physically, mentally and spiritually.We are here to support clients’ discovery and exploration of optimal health far beyond their visit.

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