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First of all you can choose and customize the actors.As the bodies will be generated by the computer, everything you can imagine can also be visualized.

Everything costs only a click on the screen, and the chosen shape appears.

Other details, like the face, the hair style, and the eye color can be selected too.

That means, the selection of the actors in 3D sex games is not limited to a few well known stars, but will be created by our imagination, and that is because satisfaction is guaranteed.

After selecting the body we can take a good look at it using the virtual camera, which can be moved and zoomed freely.

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, one of the most exciting kind of adult online games, offer comparing to sex picture galleries or porn movies.

Is it worth to install and play them, even if porn movies are easily available on the Internet?

3D games will be improved continuously, and the game characters will be more and more realistic.

Nearly perfect bodies can be generated by the computer, and in the very near future these bodies will be so realistic, that you will not be able to tell the difference between a real actor and a game character.

Otherwise the 3D sex games, the most advanced kind of adult sex games, offer much more exciting possibilities than picture galleries or porn movies.

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