Cheerleaders dating black men

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A few WM will go after sisters, but not the vast majority.

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Black men make ,000 more a year than Black women (per the Dept of Labor) so the degree differential is meaningless.And since 40% of Black women are obese (down from 50% a few years back) and close to 75% are overweight, fatties are NOT considered 'beautiful'.When all is said and done, there are no more 'great' Black women than there are 'great' Black men.If a Black woman (or any race of woman) isn't married and doesn't have a man, it's because something is physically, mentally, emotionally wrong with her.The south may be 'locked and loaded' and STILL most major military installations are in the south.Lock and load all you want, and the first moron to jump bad or get uppity will be shot dead; the other idiots will piss their pants and run.

Have a nice day.The first chick says Black women are expected to 'sit around and wait' and Black men can date whomever they want. Television (fantasy) always has BW with WM, and RARELY has BW with WW, and when they do, there's controversy.

Same as in movies where Halle hasn't starred opposite a BM since "BAPS".

In fact, SOCIETY doesn't care about WM with BW or AW, but they have issues with WW with BM and AM.

Besides, BW who can't get a BM (9.9 out of 10 they can't get ANY man because something is wrong with them) are so messed up, BM about something don't care.

Let's face it, the man makes the first move, and non-Black men aren't making the first move to BW often. The beauty standard in the West is still White women, and now Asian women are sought after more and more.

Black Women are farthest from the White beauty standard.