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Misfile is a long-running comic by Chris Hazelton and his wife Third-Child, produced regularly since 2004 and currently releasing a page every weekday.

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The story focuses dominantly on three main characters: Ash the racing fanatic, Emily the scholar, and Rumisiel the pot-smoking angel.

While your head kind of reels from that last one, I’ll explain: At the start of Misfile, Rumisiel smokes some pot whilst on the job at the celestial filing section of heaven that determines all manner of details that go on down on Earth.

This event is what creates the whole situation that continues Misfile and brings the characters together.

Ash gets gender-switched, including history and perception by his family and school peers, and Emily loses two years of hard work getting into university.

Rumisiel appears to them both to apologise and explain in the hopes of keeping his mistake quiet so he can resolve it faster, in the process bringing them together by virtue of shared hardship and mutual association with Rumisiel.

The comic then covers the two girls adapting to their new lives, particularly with their knowledge of their original ones and, in Ash’s case, complete lack of knowledge about her new one, whilst Rumisiel works to get back into the filing depository to sort out their misfile.

As time goes on, they develop new situations in the world as well as new understanding with themselves and others.

Initially for example, Ash has to come to terms with being female, whilst Emily copes with losing all her hard effort and starts to doubt if it was ever worth pursuing when she found little fulfillment in it.

More recently Rumisiel’s brother Vashiel has arrived, a former archangel who is literally incapable of lying and has a, shall we say, “Japanese” response to risque situations?

Other angels have appeared in the series, building up a kind of conspiracy theory plotline that whilst it does seem important, is rightfully kept off to the side while the comic focuses on the very mortal main characters.

So, time to put my review hat on and cover the standard points. Having had eight years to progress, Chris’ art has rightfully and properly advanced.

It’s mostly in the fine-tuning details that one barely notices over time, but the difference between the first and latest pages is marked.

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