Cm error while updating java lang number

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Play no longer includes the sbteclipse or sbt-idea plugins, which enables users to upgrade IDE support independently of Play.Eclipse support can be setup with as little as one extra line to import the plugin. Intelli J is now able to import sbt projects natively, so we recommend using that instead.

All classes in the SBT plugin are now in the package Play Slick module has gone through a major restyle to support Slick 3.0.

For a smooth upgrade, read the Play Slick migration guide.

Ebean has been pulled out into an external project, to allow it to have a lifecycle independent of Play’s own lifecycle.

The Ebean bytecode enhancement functionality has also been extracted out of the Play sbt plugin into its own plugin.

This is a guide for migrating from Play 2.3 to Play 2.4.

If you need to migrate from an earlier version of Play then you must first follow the Play 2.3 Migration Guide.

As well as the information contained on this page, there are is more detailed migration information for some topics: The support for Java 6 and Java 7 was dropped and Play 2.4 now requires Java 8.This decision was made based on the fact that Java 7 reached its End-of-Life in April 2015.Also, Java 8 enables clean APIs and has better support for functional programming style.If you try to use Play 2.4 with Java 6/7, you will get an error like below: Note: Scala 2.10 does not have full support to all Java 8 language features, like static methods on interfaces.If your project has Java code using these new features present in Java 8, upgrade to use Scala 2.11.6+.See sbt docs to learn how to set Support for database evolutions used to be included with both Play JDBC and JPA support. Therefore, if you are using evolutions, you now need to add an explicit dependency to (See Evolutions configuration) If you are using Play Slick module (with or without evolutions), things have changed quite a bit, so make sure to read the Play Slick migration guide.