Congress passed law 2016 mandating bulbs

14-Mar-2015 12:07 by 6 Comments

Congress passed law 2016 mandating bulbs - accommodating party

To illustrate their point that Democrats are expanding government too much, many Republican lawmakers are citing a new law on light bulbs.

Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., as Exhibit A of the liberal assault on the free enterprise system.A recent fundraising letter making the rounds from a conservative political action committee warns: "The Democrats have already voted to BAN our conventional lights bulbs (that you and I use even today!) in favor of DANGEROUS fluorescent light bulbs." The letter comes from Ameri PAC, a political action committee that largely supports conservative Republican candidates, and the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise Action Fund."By outlawing incandescent lights in favor of compact fluorescent lighting, the environmentalists said the country would reduce energy consumption by billion a year, or save consumers between to 0 on their electric bills per year," the letter states. They said it would reduce global warming because one of the causes of global warming is..guessed it..old fashioned Tom Edison light bulb." The letter seeks contributions and support for S. 395, the Better Use of Light Bulbs (BULB) Act, sponsored by Sen.Enzi, which seeks to repeal the light bulb efficiency standards included in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. " the letter urges, referring to President Barack Obama."Help put an end to governmental interference in our lives! The letter encapsulates many of the arguments put forth by opponents of the new light bulb efficiency standards, and so we decided to check a number of its claims.

We start with the central claim that, "Democrats have already voted to ban our conventional lights bulbs (that you and I use even today!) in favor of dangerous fluorescent light bulbs." First off, it's not accurate to pin the law entirely to Democrats.It's true that more Democrats than Republicans voted for the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.But it got a measure of bipartisan support and it was signed by Republican President George W. More importantly, we found the law does not ban incandescent light bulbs.The law is technology neutral; it requires new light bulbs meet new efficiency standards.It's true that the traditional versions of incandescent light bulbs do not meet those new standards and will be phased out of existence.