Coptic orthodox dating

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His parrents have the preconceived notion that I am a bad american, and am not good enough for their son without even getting to know me.I do understand their prejuidices, but I am confused why they will not even give me a chance because I was raised to love and accept everyone regardless of our differences.

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I am more than willing to do this because my boyfriend and I have very similar beliefs and views about both religion and life.We would also like to raise our future children in one church with one belief and value system.However I am very unsure how or if this will even help our situation with his parents, and we desperately want to be together for the rest of our lives.My boyfriend has already stated that he will not marry me unless his father approves (which at this time he doesn't), but we also refuse to give up hope that they will have a change of heart, and actually give me a chance to prove that I am a worthy person.Expert: Ashraf Nisseem - 6/26/2009 Question I have been dating an Egyptian Coptic Orthodox man for the past year and a half.He and his family have been here since 1995, and he is very much devoted to his family and his culture which I find very admirable.

We are very much in love, and wish to eventually be married.

Recently I met his parents who refused to meet me, but had no choice because we both had to attend a function for their son.

They spent the entire time they were here yelling at him about me, as well as demeaning my character, creating a fair amount of tension between everyone involved.

I guess I could understand their negativity if they gave me an chance, but they did not even speak to me or get to know.

Instead they stereotyped me and made up stories about me, my character, and my family which we both knew were completely untrue.

Needless to say, This time was both trying and hard on the both of us, and our relationship, however we endured this challenge and have remained together.