Cute ideas for 1 year dating anniversary

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Cute ideas for 1 year dating anniversary - updating to 1 1 2

A first anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate your new love together, reflect on your relationship, fantasize about the future, and give each other gifts as a token of appreciation.Traditionally first-year anniversary gifts are paper gifts, but this includes lots of possibilities: consider how many things can be made out of paper, including books, event tickets, coupons, and posters.

Hand your significant other a nicely wrapped or sealed paper certificate, coupon, or brochure describing your experience gift! It's a very romantic gesture if you can pull it off; even if it looks like a kindergarten work, your spouse will get a bang out of it.

If you can't draw, you can cut words and pictures out of magazines and add some paper hearts and glitter.

Get an early start on your masterpiece, so you can always take the easy way out in the unlikely event that your project is an utter failure.

The obvious: if your loved one is a writer or artist, they can never have enough paper.

Get a writer a pretty blank book, either full-sized or small enough to fit in a pocket.

Get an artist lots of the best paper for the medium they use.

If your loved one needs a way to keep track of what's happening next, get him or her a portable calendar.

Some appointment calendars are works of art themselves, or at least are decorated with works of art., by Kate and David Marshall, is filled with 150 questions couples can answer about their lives, beliefs, and experiences.

It's very popular and a fun and romantic book to go through together so you can learn about each other.

Zazzle, for example, has dozens of designs for marriage certificates you can order and personalize with names and photos.

Framed nicely, they look great on the wall, in the office or at home.

Or you can order a print of the famous New Testament passage about love ("Love is patient, love is kind...") with your own wedding date and anniversary date, and have it matted and framed.

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