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Cybersex chat logs - Naughty jott com sex

Stranger: so you laying in bed You: mhmm Stranger: maybe i’ll come and join you. get some friction workin Stranger: do you like to go bare or do you always use one You: it depends. You: we should take care of that Stranger: yes we should You: ;) Stranger: its a little chilly You: you can crawl into bed with me and i’ll warm you up Stranger: maybe get moving a bit to keep warm You: definitely Stranger: mm fun You: i could open your legs and slowly slide my cock inside you.

other than that i usually wrap up Stranger: i usually wrap but i like the bare.

You: well i could definitely go bare for you Stranger: thanks baby.

so what do you want to do to me You: id start off by kissing your lips softly. kissing your neck, your breasts, your stomach, until i find myself down at your pussy Stranger: mmm.

im gettign pretty wet down there You: id tease you with little flicks of my tongue, sliding a finger in to amp up the pleasure Stranger: baby dont tease.

You: my tongue would get to work, licking and flicking back and forth as you moan Stranger: i moan alot.

especially when you get the right spot You: between my tongue and my fingers, id definitely have you moaning Stranger: ooo i would feel so good.

You: then id kiss my way back up your body, following the same path i took down, id spread your legs wider and lightly brush the tip of my cock across your pussy Stranger: id put my legs back together and lay you on your back as i move down You: mmm Stranger: lick the tip of your head You: mmm yes :) Stranger: then slowly slide it in my mouth Stranger: slow at first then moving a little faster You: i run my fingers through your hair as you do your work Stranger: pushing my head closer and closer. ” Stranger: yeah baby im ready open my legs and wrap my arms around your neck You: slowly, i slide my cock into your tight wet little pussy Stranger: i hold on to you. i want you to stop but you thrust harder and faster.i play with your balls in my hand as i deep throat you You: i moan as i feel your mouth work its magic on my cock Stranger: i deep throat it as much as i can as i finger myself You: i pull you down deep on my shaft as my cock throbs Stranger: i want you in my pussy You: mmm i roll you back onto your back. going deep into me You: i pound your relentlessly, your perfect tits bounce back and forth with every thrust and drive of my hips Stranger: i moan louder and louder.i try to push you off to stop but you hold me down.You: i turn you over onto your hands and knees and grab your hips and drive my hips back and forth harder Stranger: mmmm you know i enjoy pull out and face me to the wall and take me from behind You: i reach around and squeeze one of your tits with one hand as i finger you while my cock dives in and out of you Stranger: im almost screaming with enjoyment getting super wet You: your screams get me going faster and faster, driving my cock deeper and deeper with every thrust Stranger: im peaking and i want you to cum all up in me You: i push you back down on the edge of the bed. my cock is throbbing and pulsating as i enter you again You: i fuck you harder and faster, i can feel the cum begging to explode out of me Stranger: oh baby, give it to me! You: a couple more quick thrusts, and i explode inside of you. its so warm inside of me You: I give one give one more thrust as I collapse on top of you. These are actual transcripts of cybersex sessions featuring Kristen passionately interacting with one or more partners.

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