Datagridview database not updating

16-Jun-2015 20:49 by 2 Comments

Datagridview database not updating

So, I begain experimenting by placing my update code into various events.I tried in conjunction with my update sub, but none of those would update the database when the focus left the edited row. Surley it's possible to commit the changes made on the Data Grid View to the database when the focus is moved off the edited/new row.

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I can even insert/update it without issue if I run the update code from a click event of a button.But where I run into issues is when I try to update the database as soon as the user is done editing a row.I thought that the event would be perfect for that, but it actually does not commit the changes until it has been fired twice (that is, after an edit, I have to click on a different row or arrow down twice before the edit shows up in the database).Then I thought why not call the update code on both the ?That worked fine for updates, but then I found that three records were inserted into the database when I added a new row to the Data Grid View (the data gets inserted, then a null value, then the data again).After digging around on the web for most of the day, I found that the , but would when using a click on a save button (since all the Data Grid View events would complete before the button click event fires).