Datagridview datasource not updating

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Datagridview datasource not updating - emma watson dating life

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Hey guys, I have a datagridview that is bounded to a object list.

I can enter data in text boxes and save that to the object easy enough.

But a row in datagridview or updating an existing row, does not seem to save back... I assumed since it is databound that i do not need to make any saving changes?

C# btw The datagridview's data is not a reference to your object list so when you update the objects in the list the datagridview will not update automatically.

If you set the datasource property to null, then back to your object list it should refresh (optimisations in the assignment mean it will not refresh if you simply assign it the object list it already has). Save(); } else { } } }This is all on the Row Leave event, so it gets called when the program first starts and the grid is been populated.

This is an ugly way of doing it so your best bet is to use a collection like Binding List in the code. Data Bound Item)) { Pet p = new Pet(); p = (Pet)Pets.

It works perfectly fine if i make some text boxes upand enter the data in them, it only seems that when entering the data into the gridview that it doesnt commit it back to the database. You can then commit when the program exits or with a user-accessible save function, that way you can roll back the changes before you exit if you want to. Is there a reason you need to commit to the DB on each change as opposed to just saving to the local list? Maybe I could wipe the database once the Binding List has its values...? If i get a database with alot of rows, then thats alot of processing... Prepare Earnings() { return Get Earning Objedt List(Calculate Earnings(Wage Period Start Date, Wage Period End Date)); } private Data Table Calculate Earnings(Date Time start Date, Date Time end Date) { return _Data Service. Get Earnings(start Date, end Date); } private List Get Earning Objedt List(Data Table dt) { var converted List = (from rw in dt. As Enumerable() select new Earning() { Employee ID=Convert.

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