Dating a female surgeon

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Doctors are highly respected in society and dating one puts you right alongside of them.

If you have just started dating, also remember that your partner may often be very busy and very tired.Knowing this in advance will be extremely important during heavy workloads.Be prepared to cope with possible unpredictable schedules.I thought people made profession a marriage prospect in the marriage mart. But I am in a good mood after watching such drastic matches. If you are still ready to date one, then don't approach her in the professional setup while she's actually examining. Top 10 Reasons to Date a Doctor: Dating a doctor definitely has some major benefits.Let’s look at a few of the reasons to date a doctor! Financial stability- One of the fabulous perks of dating a doctor is their bank account. They’re smart- They went through A LOT of schooling to get where they’re at.

They had to take sciences and maths that would make the average head spin! Can’t gross them out- Doctors have seen the worst of the worst.Your funky skin rash isn’t going to send them running for the hills.With the gross things they deal with everyday, it is very hard to surprise them. Free doctor visits- If you’re feeling sick and need some expert advice on your tummy trouble or sprained ankle, you can always ask the doctor you’re dating! They listen well- Doctors are trained to listen very attentively to what you have to say and to process what you are telling them. Their job is to problem solve and get everything working back to normal. They’re committed- All of the schooling, studying, training and practicing took a lot of effort and dedication to complete.Dating a female doctor will boost this benefit even more because of a female’s natural caring and attentive nature. Dating a physician has many pros and this is a big one. Interesting conversation- One of the things you can look forward to if you’re trying to figure out how to meet a doctor to date is the stimulating conversation.There’s no such thing as “just another day at the office” in the medical field. They’re Dependable- Doctors are often on-call and have to be available at any hour of the day.You can rest assured that your doctor will be there for you any time you need them! Status- Love should have nothing to do with titles or salaries, but doctors do come with a prestigious status.