Dating a guy younger than you in high school

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Dating a guy younger than you in high school - hampshire dating

I watched you for the first time in Can You Hear My Heart and i immediately fallin love with you (especially the way you look your partner in drama). Seeing him in Moebius doing what he had to do for his role knowing his age... I'm going to miss him once his character grows up and Lee Jae Yoon carries on the role. I will look forward to your great performance in your movies and TV programme. I think you need to pay more attention to your study especially when you are admitted to a college. And our birth year is same lol I will be very great to see you in some drama someday i love him in drama special youth. He certainly looks very mature for his age, and although I'm 4 years older than him and don't want to sound like a pedo-noona, I find him quite a handsome young man.

He really is good at acting but man, he is so young! I saw him in can you hear my heart, He was So Oo Oo familiar to someone but I wasn't able to find out who was it, I was pretty sure that I haven't see him in another drama, Suddenly I recognized, he is just like Kuv Jumba!!!!!! I have never seen 2 people, unrelated / age different, looking just the same like that... I'm really in shock He acted very well in Can You Hear My Heart and I was surprised but happy to see him again in Golden Rainbow! Seo Yeong Ju,you are a great boy, I am 5 years older than you. Surgeons manufacture beatiful stars by the 1,000s and his face can be replaced by 100's of other pretty faces but talent is something one is born with.

I know that someday your gonna be one of the hottest teen in the near future...

Hope to see you starring in your own drama soon (some kind of high school drama maybe? Well, maybe it's true that korean can get plastic surgery once they turn 14. I hope he's learing English, his talent is too big for Korea. His actting range is pretty wide and he's only 14yrs old!

Any ways your going to be flippin gorgeous when your older as your already cute now and an even better actor! I wonder if he got nose job since his nose looks bit different in may queen and his other drama that i watched: can u hear my heart.

Well your younger by a year so that's not bad lol I truly enjoyed your performance in can you hear my heart and can't wait to see what you did in May flower as that's my next drama I'm gonna watch!

For most men who are no longer in their 20s, dating junior women rapidly becomes a innovative pleasure, a goal that isn’t rather so very simple to achieve.

While still a competent Player in all facets of the game, the larger the age distinction, the more difficult the quest becomes.The difficulty seldom rotates round personal dissimilarities, because if you’re fit sufficient to handle going out with junior women, she won’t mind in the slightest.In reality, the prime challenge is in the dissimilarities of opinions, interests, hobbies, and viewpoints on life when there’s a significant age gap, and these are things that can present many unsafe younger women fact #1: Nothing is straight forward in the land of tips dating younger women, but the complexity rises spectacularly when you’re more than a couple of years older than your feminine companion.Adapting to her style is only a short-term solution that might work for the sake of a one-night stand, but in alignment to really designated day the young female, more should be done.Nobody likes going out with to be a chore, of course, but make no error about dating younger women: effort is always needed.

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    Once she feels like she's starting to settle or lower her standards in the relationship or dating phase her guard goes up and the distance begins.. The moment we have to explain some shit (sorry for cursing), her guard goes up! You know we like to throw a sob story or two to prick her heart a little because she comes across so tough!!! Show her you have the ability to communicate and resolve issues without fighting or battling. she's not breaking up with you, creeping on you, ignoring you, or all of the other craziness our mind tells us.