Dating a ladies man

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Dating a ladies man - downriver michigan dating

He was the lady killer of the group, always making fresh conquests and never staying with any woman beyond a year.He once told me (before we went out) that he’d slept with so many women that he’d forgotten some of them. My problem is that a part of me is judgmental about his past sexual behaviour.

I can’t help wondering how I can believe his protestations of love when he’s been a serial philanderer.Popular wisdom has it that men who sleep around are viewed as admirable Jack-the-lads, while women who do the same are scorned as promiscuous.But your letter demonstrates that women can be every bit as wary of men who play the field.Far from thinking ‘Wow, you’ve slept with scores of women, that makes you so desirable and macho!’, they are likely to view a chap’s ­promiscuous past as off-putting.No one, of either sex, likes to feel they’re just another face in the queue.

The truth is that most of us like our beloveds to be as discriminating in their amorous tastes as their cultural ones.The correct answer to the question ‘What sort of woman do you like?’, has never been: ‘Anything with a pulse.’ In a world where our potential choice of partner has been increased vastly by internet dating and networking sites, it is thrilling to be picked from the crowd.I once read the autobiography of an 80-year-old spinster, who said yearningly of marriage ‘It must be wonderful to be chosen’, and thought how apt was her choice of words.Nothing makes the female pulse thrill more than when an attractive member of the opposite sex singles her out.Conversely, few things are less flattering than the man who chats up a woman only when he’s done seducing all her other female friends.