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The installation will proceed: Once complete - launch Firefox and browse to your Flash Video.

Secondly, I'd use the other one, which is the 64bit build rather than the 32bit compatibility wrapper.Since I always try to be as lazy as possible, I always install the package ubuntu-restricted-extras which is a meta-package includes adobe's flash player among other useful things.This possibility existed with earlier ubuntu versions and is still working smoothly with 11.10.Since you have stated that this is the first time you have ever used ubuntu. Definitely it won't play because you don't have any flash player installed. The question as it's is entirely valid (through unclear) and doesn't out-date, since people will ask how to install flash so long a Adobe Flash Player is a [email protected] -i understand your point, but an older question like that on ubuntu 11 or 12 with a definitive high-voted answer of the same era is very unlikely to get new would be useful in my opinion to change the title so as to limit the question to v.11-12 of the system so that somebody else could ask a new one on the new systems and new circumstances related to flash without risking to [email protected] No.

That's what bounties are for: Current answers are outdated The current answer(s) are out-of-date and require revision given recent changes.

If you feel that the answers are outdated, just offer a bounty.

Each answer has a header that says what versions the apply for.

Through, as I said before, flash is browser dependent, and the OP did not specify which browser he's using. The first is the wrapper around the 32bit flash version from Adobe. Select the second flash entry - if the following picture is seen then you have not already enabled the Canonical Partner Repository previously.

Click button and enter your password when prompted.

Note - you must have permission to install software.

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