Dating colonial knives

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Item Code K0076, Price 685 (GBP) An 18th Century or earlier hunting knife or short sword.

It is stamped with a crown over R and another armourer's mark.Measures 21 1/2 inches overall with a blade of 16 1/4 inches. Age crack to the ivory hilt and the grip is very slightly loose - the rivet at the end of the hilt doesn't look as though it has ever been touched. Item Code K0074, Price 850 (GBP) A Victorian bowie knife made by Unwin & Rodgers Sheffield (stamped with their trademark) and retailed by O'Neill & Thompson Nassau st. Measures 10 1/4 inches overall with a blade of 6 1/4 inches.Very good condition and very rare to have an Irish retailed bowie.Complete with it's original red leather/card sheath with nickel silver mounts.Item Code K0072, Price 650 (GBP) A high quality Victorian large multiblade folding sportsmans knife retailed by J. Liverpool, but undoubtedly made in Sheffield and also marked with a trademark of a treble clef which will be the makers trademark. The main blade is jimped on the edge in a few spots.I haven't been able to identify the maker at this stage. All springs work perfectly and all completely original with no repairs.

Item Code K0073, Price 750 (GBP) A rare high quality large lock knife by the famous Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheffield . Superb condition retaining lots of the original crocus polish. Item Code K0067, Price 3600 (GBP) An extremely rare and highest possible quality set of 2 pairs of Exhibition scissors by Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheffield.

One is stamped crown GR and Rodgers sheffield, but the other pair is unstamped.

I believe they date to prior to 1830 as they are stamped GR and the style of the mark corresponds with the stamp used in the reign of King George VI.

The larger pair measures 13 1/4 inches and has dagger like blades.

They are both in superb condition for their age and retain most of their original crocus polish.

They are larger than life and the quality is outstanding.