Dating coworker restaurant

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Dating coworker restaurant - terri amshey dating

I'm gonna try to make this shortened, but it'll probably still be long.

2 more years later (last year) she graduated and went off to college.She gave me a textbook I needed for a class that she took the year before, then left for college across the country.We texted quite abit the first 4 months (mostly about school-related stuff, what being away from home is like etc), but January we kinda just stopped i don't know why.Anyways I show up to work on Tuesday for the first day aaaaand she's there, apparently she got the same job too.So we've been working (along with a couple other guys) all week, not a whole lot happening.Then we both volunteered for something this morning to help out and we basically worked together for 4 hours. I didn't really have a plan and she says "tell me three things you want to do and I will pick for you" so I did and she picked.

She went on to talk about how she wants to be married/with kids in 10 years (I know she doesn't have a boyfriend, from past conversations).I really wanted to ask her out to lunch when it was all done but i didn't, she is a pretty busy person.Also she asked me to hold her car keys today while volunteering because she didn't have any pockets.She looked amazingly good today by the way, and considering it was just me and her and our boss that she knew were volunteering......I stupidly didn't comment though because I didn't know if that would make her uncomfortable or anything.Also, someone wanted to take our picture (me, her, and our boss because where we work wants to look good, saying their employees volunteer in the community etc) and she was in the middle, put her arm around me for the picture.