Dating dos and don39ts list

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Dating dos and don39ts list

This is not personal or meant to be vindictive; it is just the nature of addiction. Your loved one is powerless against it on their own.DO realize that the person you love can eventually come back, although in all honesty, the odds are against it.

The more you know the better prepared you are to take care of yourself and be an assist in any hope of recovery that the addict may have.DO try and help others who are hurting in the same way that you are hurting. It allows you to gain a better understanding of your relationship with the user.(You can see similarities and know you are not alone). It will make BOTH of you stronger (Iron sharpening Iron).DO not allow yourself to be manipulated by the user. It is NOT your fault that they are not in control of their lives.(revisited) Do's and Don't' of loving Meth Addicts: DO accept you are NOT in control of others lives, chemical use, lies, actions, emotions, finances, or feelings.DO know that you can not deal with a loved one who is using meth on your own and that without God, you are destined to be in constant turmoil regarding your life. DO seek out other people who have been where you are now and listen to their comments without getting defensive. DO take a personal inventory of the way in which you interact with the meth user and determine if you are in any way, preventing their recovery.

Also determine if you are in any way enabling them to continue using or being an umbrella or safety net for them. They may not ever get WELL, you must realize this and accept it.If you can not get your self to the point where this fact does not wreak havoc on you personally, then YOU MUST put distance between yourself and the user.This sounds cold but it is actually the opposite as you need to realize that you must take care of you.DO understand the dynamic of the relationship between the addict and their addiction.They are not the person you love and yet they are at the same time.The person you love is not really in control at this point. This addiction really does not care about you or your loved one's. It cares only about satisfying it's chemically derived need.

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