Dating ediquette

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Dating ediquette - wrt54g updating ddns status

Trying not to talk with your mouth full, and praying that you don't spill something or get lettuce stuck between your teeth, is not the most conducive atmosphere for conversation.Moreover, we think it's unfair to expect a man to spend a large amount of money on dinner when a blind date may not lead to a second date.

Consider adopting the approach that many daters like to use.

They go to a place with some visual or auditory atmosphere, like a botanical garden, hotel lounge, art gallery, promenade or other pleasant place to walk, or even an informal, open-air concert.

This gives them an opportunity to talk, and provides something to look at and even refer to during those awkward silences we all experience.

During the date, the couple can enjoy some light refreshments -- coffee and cake, a drink, or dessert.

I enjoy reading your columns and thank you for having such a nice site.

I truly hope you can answer me this question as it has been bothering me a lot lately.

My question concerns "blind dates." Is it incumbent on the man -- meeting a woman for the first time, not knowing what she looks like, and not knowing what the woman will think of him -- to take the lady to a restaurant on the first meeting?

I have met women over the Internet and through ads who seem to believe that it is a requirement that the man take the woman to a restaurant even before they have laid eyes on each other. If I meet a woman over the Internet and speak to her on the phone, would it be improper on my part if we met over some coffee and cake, or pizza and soda, on the first occasion?

My point is, why spend so much money on a blind date (not to mention all that time), if I find no chemistry with her, or if she finds none with me?

Wouldn't we both be uncomfortable and just faking it?

And if a woman suggests a restaurant for the first encounter, would it be right for me to suggest something less expensive -- without sounding like I am something less than a gentleman?

I've heard stories of women who meet men for the first time, and know they did not like them, but "take" him for whatever they can on the date, and then say, "Sorry, I'm not interested." Please advise me on this issue. Steven Frankly, we think that dinner in a restaurant is not one of the best settings for a blind date (neither is a movie), although many people seem to think that etiquette demands it. A blind date should be treated as an opportunity to learn about the other person, to decide if there is enough between you to get to a second date.

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