Dating for marriage farnce

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Those living together en concubinage have some of the same privileges in law as married couples, including social security.To qualify for these, you may need to obtain a (free) certificate from your town hall testifying that you’re living together ‘as man and wife’ (take identification, proof of address and two witnesses), although town halls aren’t obliged to issue them, in which case you can both sign a ‘sworn declaration’ ( attestation sur l’honneur) that you live together.

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A pacte civile de solidarité, which is signed at a court, confers some but not all of the legal benefits of marriage.

In certain parts of Paris, it’s possible for couples to have an unofficial ‘marriage’ ceremony, although gay marriages aren’t legal in France (a recent ‘union’ in Bordeaux was declared unlawful).

It’s reckoned that over 40 per cent of French children are born out of wedlock and a fifth are raised by a single parent (85 per cent women).

Illegitimacy no longer carries the stigma it once did, and all children have the same rights; an unmarried mother ( mère célibataire) is even paid a generous allowance by the state.

The legal age of consent in France is 18; girls aged between 15 and 18 can be married with the consent of at least one parent, but the government is planning to abolish this concession.

Non-French citizens are entitled to be married in France, but divorcees and widows must wait 300 days after their divorce or the death of their spouse before being allowed to remarry (in case of pregnancy).

Only some 50 marriages are performed each year for every 10,000 citizens – the lowest per capita number in Europe.As in many other Western countries, the average age for marriage is increasing and is almost 30 for men and 28 for women, who on average give birth for the first time at just under 30.Almost 7.5m French citizens live without a partner, around 1m of whom are divorcees, and the number is growing each year.The number of unmarried couples in France has quadrupled to around 2m in the last two decades (among Europeans only the Swedes are less keen on marriage).It’s estimated that 40 to 50 per cent of couples who get married have already cohabited for up to two years.Many couples don’t bother to get married and simply live together, but French law distinguishes between partners living together ‘unofficially’ ( en union libre) and ‘officially’ ( en concubinage).

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