Dating manipulation

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We are all vulnerable to being manipulated in relationships, whether between romantic partners, friends, parents, children, employers, coworkers, or neighbors.When we allow another person to manipulate us, we are colluding with their desire to control our feelings, motives, and even our thoughts through deceptive, exploitative, and unfair means.

There are effective ways to stand up to manipulation and bring balance back into the relationship. We all use influence with other people to advance our goals, and this is one of the hallmarks of healthy social functioning.Influence recognizes the rights and boundaries of other people, and it is based on direct, honest communication.Influence is one way we have of functioning effectively in the world.Influence recognizes the integrity of the other person, including the right not to go along with the attempted persuasion.Manipulation, on the other hand, depends on covert agendas and an attempt to coerce another person into giving in.Even though it may appear that the manipulator is strong and in control, there is usually insecurity under the facade.

The tendency to exploit others and disregard their rights is a sign of unhealthy personality functioning.In fact, people who manipulate others have difficulty in maintaining good interpersonal relationships.Those who manipulate other people are good at spotting people to control.If they feel unable to manipulate someone, they usually give up and move on to somebody else who is more likely to be receptive to the attempted manipulation.Once you recognize the features of the manipulation, the next step in correcting the situation is to discover your own contribution to the problem.(This statement may seem a bit difficult to accept.