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De Maison pleaded guilty in April to seven counts, including securities fraud and wire fraud. (Pink Sheets: CUAU) and the other companies caused investors to buy more than $54 million in shares and suffer $27 million in losses.The SEC did not publicize its amended complaint, which was filed in June.

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The latest defendants in the case are: –Gregory Goldstein, former owner of a California-based brokerage called Marquis Financial Sevices Inc.–Talman Harris, a former stock broker who worked for a several firms during the period covered by the complaint –William Scholander, another former stock broker who worked alongside Harris at those same firms. –Victor Alfaya, who worked for a New York-based stock promotion service called Small Cap Resource Corp.–Kona Jones Barbera, who also worked for Small Cap Resource and later set up a second firm called Quantum Financial Investments – Justin Esposito, an employee of Small Cap Resource and Quantum Financial.Another of the defendants in the original SEC case, a previously barred broker and recidivist securities offender named Justin Cope, was charged criminally in September in connection with the scheme.The Securities and Exchange Commission has quietly expanded its fraud case against financier Izak Zirk De Maison, adding seven more people as codefendants and identifying five more stocks he used in his schemes.According to the SEC’s amended complaint, one of the companies that De Maison used as a fraud vehicle was Lenco Mobile Inc.

(formerly Pink Sheets: LNCM), which was the subject of a Sharesleuth investigation in early 2010.

Lenco Mobile gained a stock market listing through a reverse merger with a shell company controlled by De Maison, known at the time as Zirk Engelbrecht.

Our investigation focused on the issuance of millions of Lenco Mobile shares to questionable individuals, including recidivist securities offender Michael W. The SEC said in its amended complaint that De Maison and his alter egos sold at least .2 million of Lenco Mobile shares directly to investors in private transactions.

The SEC said he also paid commissions to stockbrokers to induce them to sell additional shares to clients.

The SEC said De Maison and other defendants inflated the share prices of Lenco Mobile and the other companies before dumping their shares on unsuspecting investors.

The Justice Department brought a parallel criminal case last year against De Maison and Stephen J. Like the SEC, it later expanded its allegations to include violations related to Lenco Mobile and other stocks. A document in the criminal case alleged that the fraud schemes De Maison orchestrated at Lenco Mobile, Casablancas Mining Ltd.