Dating now korean series

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Dating now korean series - Sax cam cm

Wow just started watching this and really a great drama, laugh so hard.I love the dark hair guys (the doctor and the guy that works for the blond hair dude) but sorry don't like the blond guy as he is a player and a chicken shit too.

and for those who say she is not cute well to me she is a beautiful women I have finished watching this Kdrama and this is one the best and most realistic Kdrama series I have watched among probably more than 100 I have seen. The other two which I truly enjoyed are "It's OK, it's Love" and one of my Kdrama favorites "A Gentleman's Dignity". I love how they always had that one scene at the beginning of an episode and it made you think something horrible will happen...

"It's Okay It's Love" is also a more realistic and super well done series. I dont really like yun woo jin because of his role in the when a man love. The actors are ALL great (I especially like Gong Gi Tae's mother x D). and when the scene finnally comes it's something hilarious : D The soundeffects that they added made everything even more funny.

His role there is shitty fucking shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt assholes down to earth facepalm shit i hope this drama change my view of him 10 out of 10 pionts for this drama!! This is a drama without all the tragedy and sadness.

It lightened up my mood and I cracked up a lot, I don't think I ever laughed that much watching a drama before x D Big applause to everyone who helped creating this drama. ; D The actor looks kinda like Team B's Junhoe(? He also reminded me of Song Joon Ki in the Innocent Man... After watching just 1 episode, i immediately fall in love..

He also has Lee Dong Wook's one double eyelid thing. I love the introduction of the story, it have so much more to grow and twists to come..

I love how the story tackled the reality on love relationship.

I know the lead girl's being 'slow' is quite negative to anyone, but that's the truth.

When a guy who only shows you good things then suddenly disappear it's just right that you want to hear it directly from the guy to finally sink in in your brain.

I like how the writer mixed in variety of persona or different type of character in this one drama..

I just hope that the main lead will stick to more serious looking, brusque type of guy yet caring till the end.

And praying that the story went well as each episode presents.

The lead actress is pretty but the character is SUCK!

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