Dating pop bottles

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I try to be as comprehensive as possible in describing bottle condition but am not perfect (thus the money back guarantee).

Click on the highlighted link(s) in each listing description to see the picture(s) of the specific item for sale.To help properly describe the bottles on this list or for the people who found this page and have some basic questions about antique bottles, I have another web page that is a glossary of some major antique bottle descriptive terms.It is found at the following link - Bottle Description & Condition Glossary.It includes more links to pictures to help portray some of the bottle characteristic described.and will be calculated at as close as I can estimate to the actual cost via the USPS website depending on the weight of the item and your zip code.No additional packaging or handling fees (and I totally use recycled materials from my past purchases).

For an idea of the shipping costs, click on the following USPS link to calculate the cost from my zip code of 97624 - DOMESTIC RATE CALCULATOR. and Canada but typically not to other overseas addresses any longer due to the difficulty in determining shipping costs ahead of time - even to Canada at times.

Small bottles usually ship at under 2 pounds packed, average sizes at 2-3 pounds with large, multiple and/or heavier glass items at sometimes a 4 or rarely 5 pounds. However, feel free to inquire as I do make some exceptions depending on the item.

Insurance is (usually) included and noted in my shipping quote back to you upon inquiry though I suppose it is optional.

I try to pack well but one never knows how packages will be treated so I always prefer it.

Payment can be made via personal or cashiers checks or money orders and could entail up to a 5 business day (after receipt) clearing time, though I cash checks electronically now which is usually faster.

My mailing address for sending payment will be provided via email once the total price - with shipping - is determined. I WILL gladly accept Pay Pal if it is as a person-to-person transfer (i.e., from bank account or Pay Pal balance) as it entails no fees to the buyer or seller.

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