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James: When I came up with “let’s be animagi” idea I never thought it would be this problematic to be honest. *apparently scared* It’s full moon.*Remus’ transformation starts, Sirius tries to help him, forgetting about Peter. James: *amused* That’s because it’s my patronus, but I am not the one conjuring it, it’s Harry. Lily: You generally never do think in the long run, do you? Sirius has been following the bloody rat for almost a year, this is ridiculous. Peter takes advantage of the situation to disappear*James: NO WORMTAIL NO! *Harry follows Sirius and Remus thinking he can help them, Remus runs away, dementors are all around*Lily: No, no, not like this come on Harry, come on baby you can do it. James: It’s impossible Lily, there are too many of them.

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Lily: *smiling weakly* I mean to be fair he is a pretty convincing rat James.*Scabbers bites Ron, James sees Sirius, too*James: The fucker is trying to get away again GET HIM PADFOOT, COME ON MATELily: Does he have to do this in his animagus form though?

They think he’s the grim, they’ll be scared shitless.

James: Doesn’t matter as long as he gets to Wormtail.

Lily: Your child will be traumatised, do you realise that?

He’ll think Sirius is death James: *extremely calmly* He’ll get over it. Lily: *eye-roll*James: This tree was not one of Dumbledore’s brightest ideas. This child is doing everything in the book to get himself killed.

Lily: *kind of mad* Our priorities are very different. I can’t look, tell me when he gets in.*5 minutes of jumps and screams and James’ oooh and aaahs Harry and Hermione get in to Shrieking Shack*James: It’s good Lils, he got in.

He’s dragging Ronald, he’s going to hurt h– never mind, he already did. Why does he have to be so over the top with everything? James: *barely talking* I honestly don’t know what I want anymore Lily: Think about it like this, if he’s dead they can’t prove Sirius’ innocence, alright? Lils didn’t Severus say Moony didn’t take his potion tonight? I know you hate him and I know you are angry but the James Potter I know never would have let someone he loved once suffer like that. James: I don’t have the faintest idea, I just hope they do. It’s not just that they are my best friends Lily, everyone needs to know exactly what happened that night, that it wasn’t Padfoot, most importantly Harry needs to know. Lily: That’s not who you are James, you’ve never been a man like that. I don’t mean to rain on your parade but how are they going to save Sirius now that Peter is gone? He’s talking like he wants to kill Harry, I’m not blaming him if Sirius ends up dead. Remus and Sirius will raise him like their own, like we would have.*Remus tells the story of Marauders to Harry, James reaches for Lily as he’s listening, all of this is too much for him, he misses everything: being young and careless, having his friends with him and he absolutely hates being so far away when they are all together even though the reason is miserable. I’m tired of this childish grudge, this is not a simple matter, he’s going to RUIN IT. *Lily is frozen*James: I– I’m sorry Lils, I shouldn’t have said those, I didn’t mean to blame y–Lily: *a little offended* No, it’s alright. James: No it’s not alright, I sometimes let my anger for Peter get the best of me. Everytime I look at Harry, I want him dead more and more. Lily: With this child, I’m starting to think everything is possible. SIRIUS ORION BLACK I WILL HAUNT YOU TIL YOU DIEJames: *through his teeth* I’m going to kill him again when he gets here, I won’t care that he’s an old man. When he gets his name cleared, Sirius will take him from Petunia’s. Lily: He probably thinks he is doing something right James.*James loses it, not because he’s mad at Lily but because he’s afraid that the only chance Sirius gets to clear his name and tell the truth to Harry is being interrupted by Snape*James: Stop defending him Lily! Severus only wants to make sure that Moony and Padfoot suffer. Lily: Will do, if I don’t forget in 40 years.*Peter is revealed, Remus and Sirius are about to kill him, Harry stops them*Lily: That’s my boy, it’s so scary how he knows exactly what you would have wanted without even knowing you properly, you should be proud. However, I want him dead, just not killed by Moony and Padfoot.

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