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UNESCO's globally recognised list of World Heritage sites contains places of special cultural or physical significance.Everything from the Pyramids of Giza to Yellowstone National Park feature on the list, and Italy is the country home to the most World Heritage listed sites with 49.

Here's a guide to the most important examples of natural and cultural heritage Queensland has to offer.Fraser Island The world's largest sand island, Fraser Island is eternally popular with tourists for several reasons.There's the 250-odd km of sandy beaches, the pristine waters, the beautifully coloured sand cliffs, the marine life, the dune lakes, and even the tall rainforests on sand.It's the perfect place for a relaxing getaway or an adventure holiday, but all that natural beauty isn't the only reason why Fraser Island achieved heritage listing.The island's coastal dune formations and dune lakes continue to evolve, allowing you to see the actual processes of environmental change that have occurred over time.Then there's the wildlife - dingoes, migrating humpack whales, more than 300 bird species and an abundance of marine life can all be seen on and around the island.

No matter which way you look at it, Fraser Island really is a pretty special place.

Gondwana Rainforests of Australia Located in southeast Queensland and shared with NSW, the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia include the world's most extensive areas of subtropical rainforest.

Taking up 60,000 hectares in Queensland, this World Heritage area includes Lamington, Springbrook, Mt Barney and Main Range National Parks.

These rainforests are home to more frog, snake, bird and marsupial species than anywhere else in this wide brown land.

From the rare Albert's lyrebird to the endangered Coxen's fig parrot, the amount of native wildlife these parks protect is quite astounding.

They're also impressively beautiful areas, boasting soaring waterfalls, ancient volcanoes and rugged mountain peaks.

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