Dating someone who is a quadrapoligic

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With the movie, “Me Before You” coming out, the topic of assisted suicide seems appropriate.I remember the first time I saw the actual list of Dr. We assume every patient was terminal, but in fact, two-thirds of the people he helped die had disabilities and were not terminally ill.

I was an arrogant, new spinal cord injury who was enraged that someone would give up on life because of the exact same ailment as myself.

I felt anger that I was a qualifying patient just by being a spinal cord injury, but it was more that society supported that position.

In some states, if an abled-bodied individual expresses a desire to commit suicide they are subject to a non-voluntary 3-day hold at a psych ward.

You can read more about assisted suicide laws here.

If a person with a spinal cord injury expresses a desire to commit suicide, everyone understands. It shouldn’t be easier and cheaper to kill yourself than to acquire a new wheelchair, but that’s often the case.

In my childhood, I went to a Missionary Baptist Church that was completely against any type of “murder” whether it be compassion killings or abortions, in God’s eyes it was all the same.

Therefore, I grew up analogizing Hitler, who killed off people with disabilities without their consent, and Dr.

Kevorkian, who was helping patients who begged for death and made that choice for themselves.

There are so many arguments for and against, so I don’t think it’s necessary for me to have an argument ready. This isn’t your average political debate that deals with taxes; this is literally life and death.

This topic needs to be met with compassion and understanding.

Therefore, I urge you to consider that when commenting. In fact, I’ll be very transparent and say I’ve even considered it myself.

I believe a majority of spinal cord injuries (at least the ones who rely on care) have had passing thoughts.