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Ciara (not her real name) is one of 200 female students in Belfast signed up to the Seeking Arrangement website where rich men pay cash-strapped young women, known as sugar babies, thousands of pounds for their company, or more often, for sex.

"It's really nice to be treated and to have those experiences of being taken out to nice places," Ciara said."My sugar daddies haven't given me money for my uni fees but if I'm stuck for cash for my flat and rent they help me out."I did consider deleting the site once I had my son but I'm studying, I'm trying to work, it's hard to get that money together to pay for rent and childcare every month."This helps me out - it's useful in that sense."But the English student insists she draws the line at accepting cash for sex."Men have offered me cash for sex but as soon as that happened I cut communication because that's not what I'm there for," she said."It does make you feel cheap in a way, like that's the only reason people want to take you out is for sex."I don't like that, it makes me feel used." Ciara said the most successful sugar daddy relationship was with a man she met while living in London, and the nicest gift he gave her was a trip to Legoland in Windsor with him and her son - which her mum even came along on too.She said: "That sugar daddy was very nice to me and my son - he bought us both gifts and gave me a sense of security."He took us to Legoland and we stayed in a really fancy hotel, my mum came with us too and my sugar daddy treated us to dinner and took us shopping."Mum babysat while we had a date too."My mum knows all about my sugar daddies," she said."She was pretty surprised but she's very accepting of it."I would tell a future boyfriend I had sugar daddies too - honesty is very important to me."Ciara's relationship with her London sugar daddy ended when his travelling became an issue."He flew to New York back and forth constantly, and I know that's probably most girl's dream to have a jet-setter who buys them gifts but it meant that he was very distant sometimes.

"I only saw him on weekends every couple of weeks towards the end and I didn't like that," she said."My last sugar daddy relationship ended two weeks ago, I called it off because I just didn't think there was enough of an attraction there and it wasn't going anywhere."He was from Derry but living in Belfast." Ciara said her experience on Seeking Arrangement has been "pretty positive", and she added that she saw it as a good way to meet "like minded people", but she admits she's heard some horror stories too."I met one guy and was very nervous as soon as I arrived, I had a feeling there was something off about him," she told Sunday Life."I pretended I got a phonecall and left, it wasn't working for me."My friend met him a couple of weeks later, we didn't realise it was the same guy."He had a flat in Lenadoon in west Belfast, he had nowhere near the amount of money he said."She went back to the flat with him and he was trying to lock doors behind her - she sprinted and got away. "That's why I go with my gut feeling on someone."Ciara added that potential Northern Ireland sugar babies thinking of signing up to a site like Seeking Arrangement shouldn't expect to get rich quick."It's attractive because it presents you with a fantasy - and older man to buy you lots of things," she said."But this isn't New York, this is Belfast."The majority of the time it's an older man who wants a younger girl on his arm to make him look good.People on Seeking Arrangement aren't on there for a long term thing."Ciara said she knows of a few fellow students who use the site, including the 17-year-old sister of a friend.That scared me because she's very young," she said.Ciara admitted she doesn't expect to find love with a sugar daddy."Maybe I'll look for love some day but all I want right now is to make sure my son's provided for - those are my circumstances and priority right now."Never call his mobile, don't wear lipstick that stains and be fun at ALL times - that's what it takes to snare a sugar daddy.